AllStars Play

The Fantasy Sports Gaming Market is Huge. However, major innovation ceased about a decade ago. AllStars Play is a response to this gap. Our mission is to transform Fantasy Games into a thrilling Real-Time experience and connect millions of sports fans across geographies..
  1. A unique offering pivoted around a single athlete performance score - responding in real-time to positive and negative player actions: Goals, Assists, Wickets, Sixes Fouls, Red Cards etc.
  2. This opens up a range of opportunities around Draft or League selection games where the fluctuating index can be used as the basis of selection, player weighting and swap decisions.
  3. Leagues can last for 1,2,4 weeks or an entire season.
  4. This concept can be extended for quicker win games. For example, ‘Lotto Picks’ or ‘Binaries’ where Users can play against the house or head-to-head with friends.
  5. Chat and community as well us up-to-date fixtures, scores and news as well as latest promotions via notifications will keep fans highly engaged and continually referring and extending the community.
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