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Future of human performance


Our Investors

Adrix was launched in September 2020 as Aqua Digital Rising, raising US$4 million in initial seed funding. The raise was completed with private investors the equity crowdfunding platforms, Eureeca and Bank to the Future.

Investors included Elevat3 and several experienced brokerage owners and backers. Seed funding enabled Adrix to innovate and take live products into new markets.

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Adrix is the first company to put a value on human performance. Traders across all markets are looking for new, transparent and accessible assets. Technology can now put a real-time price on the success or failure of individuals, a new product targeting a trillion-dollar market.

  • First new alt-assets monetized through different vertical products
  • The answer to the gamification of trading
  • Using mathematics and analytics to put a price on human performance
  • Launching the world’s first people-based alt-assets
Track Record
  • The management team has launched and run several very successful online trading platforms
  • Companies achieved highly profitable exit strategies
  • Adrix hopes to put more value on human performance by offering a new, transparent and accessible asset class
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